Vision and Mission

I bring tools for congregations to think theologically about their present situation and help them assess their hopes for the future. My diverse experiences and education are my main assets. I am willing to sit and think with congregations, and point out where glimpses of God's reign can be seen in their own mission and in the World.

Web Presence

For over 17 years I have helped a number of congregations and non-profits to figure out what is important when it comes to web presence. No project is too small for my interests. Whether it is congregations, individuals and non-profits, I can help with assessing needs, and implementing correct tools for a relevant web presence.

Leadership Training

I am first and foremost a youth minister, or perhaps more accurately a leadership trainer. I believe that all youth ministry should be about leadership, teaching young people to become more than they already are. I offer churches to bring in leadership programs for youth and young adults, focusing on peer learning and experiences.

 My Background

My Background

I am an experienced specialist in church development and theological discussion addressing congregational life and leadership.

I have substantial experience as a trainer for trainers both in summer camps and church youth ministry.

I have worked for various companies as print designer and have over 17 years of experience as a web consultant for nonprofits. As a multimedia consultant I have guided congregations and nonprofits on their way to a long term presence on the internet through websites and social media.

My name is Halldor Gudmundsson. I was born and raised in Iceland, but currently reside in Cleveland, Ohio.


Latest Projects